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When you secure your resume with Travel Placement Service we already know two things about you before we even read your name on that resume:

  1. You are absolutely serious about taking charge of your professional career, and
  2. You understand that tapping into the country’s leading travel industry network here at Travel Placement Service is the key to opening the door to the very agencies and industry giants you deserve to be working with.

Whether you’re interested in expanding your career in corporate travel, leisure vacation travel, travel accounting or travel management, Travel Placement Service is THE go-to connecting link for the travel industry, including travel agencies, corporations, government, suppliers and online entities.


All costs associated with hiring persons to fill temporary or direct hire positions are paid by the hiring agency.


  • Travel
    • Leisure Agents
    • Corporate Agents
    • Entertainment Agents
    • Wholesale Agents
    • Travel Managers
    • Operations Managers
    • Home-based Agents
    • International Agents
    • Travel Accountants
    • Production Agents
    • Hotel/Air Negotiations
  • Administrative
    • Travel Coordinators
    • Meeting Planners
    • Travel Assistants


  • Paid Holidays & Vacation
  • Flexibility
  • Employment Counseling

Temporary Placement

The temporary workforce in the travel industry is one of today’s fastest-growing employment sectors in the country.

There are a number of keen advantages to temp work: flexibility, independence, competitive salaries, and opportunities to learn new skills.

With help from Travel Placement Service you will also find that temp work often serves as your industry’s shortest bridge to direct hire employment, even with “A List” travel industry employers. According to recent studies and our own databases, at least 50% of temps working in the travel industry are offered full-time employment from temporary assignments.

Since travel is a field that has more work than workers, you can earn a better hourly wage as a temporary worker. You'll also gain freedom to work when and where you choose. For a great number of people, temping with a travel industry job provides a way to make money while maintaining a flexible schedule.

Direct Hire Placement

If you are looking for a permanent position in corporate travel, leisure vacation travel, travel accounting or travel management, Travel Placement Service can find you the perfect job to further your career.

Because we’ve devoted over two decades to creating and sustaining personal relationships with the most wanted employers across North America, Travel Placement Service does so much of the work for you –

  • We actively market you to prospective employers with phone calls and discussions for your best fit,
  • We set up interviews for you, and
  • We negotiate your top salary!