Rose Snyder

09 Sep 2013

Working with Barb and Marjorie has been an enormous relief for me. I’ve truly come to trust and rely on their services and recommendations.

As an extremely busy manager of a high volume travel company, keeping up with the operation, dealing with the day-to-day customer, vendor (and employee) issues has been an ongoing challenge. Over the years when it came time to address staffing needs and the idea of going through the process of searching/recruiting, reviewing resumes/candidates, scheduling and sometimes rescheduling interviews, and then the interview time and process itself … it all became mind boggling! You know you have to do it, but finding the time and energy to do it seems impossible. So again, this much needed task goes onto the back burner a little longer – a vicious cycle I’m sure most managers can relate to.

Over the last few years, I’ve turned to TPS (Travel Placement Service) when I needed to add to staff. They search and find well-qualified, diverse travel professionals for us to interview, and do the scheduling for me. Of course, I do the interviewing and hiring – but what valuable time and energy I’ve saved by letting TPS do all the work! And to much success we have hired from their selection and are extremely happy with our newest employees of whom we’ve also promoted to other positions. A huge thanks to our friends at TPS, they’ve made my job so much easier in this area.

- Rose Snyder
UNIGLOBE Travel Center