Need Sabre training? We’ve got a deal for you!

17 Apr 2015


Get paid for the training you need

Have you noticed that more and more good paying jobs in the travel industry want Sabre computer skills? Just check out the Job Openings on our website to see all of the opportunities for yourself! Those who possess current Sabre computer experience are in high demand. Travel Placement Service Inc. is looking to reward those "experienced" travel professionals who want to reap the benefits of investing in themselves and their future career.

  • Have you been looking to return to the travel industry and just need a way to “brush up” on your Sabre computer skills?
  • Or are you looking to build upon your existing Sabre skills to include pricing, ticketing and international travel to increase your job opportunities?
  • Or maybe you currently operate a competitor GDS system and feel it’s finally time to learn Sabre to increase your career options?

Well if so, here is the answer:

Travel Placement Service is now offering Sabre Travel Network® Personal Trainer(sm) which is a self-based training tool that helps you expand your skills without ever having to leave your home or office. So if you are looking for a Sabre training course, this is the program for you!


The 170+ training courses include the following topics: 

  • Air, car hotel, and cruise reservations
  • Pricing and ticketing
  • Productivity tools
  • Invoice and itinerary processing
  • Fares and rules
  • Queues management
  • Profile features
  • International travel

Your unique logon name will never expire and will follow you to any Sabre connected agency you may be employed at in the future. Please visit our website to order. 

Now here’s the deal: 

You purchase this training program, learn the skills on your own time and schedule, obtain your certification by successfully completing the tests, and then forward that information to us. This will increase your chances of finding a position within the travel industry and we will reimburse you the cost of this training if you are hired and placed in a new position through Travel Placement Service. 

Questions? Contact us 800-498-3671.