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The leading travel agent & meeting planning placement experts since 1992

For over two decades, Travel Placement Service, Inc. has helped thousands of experienced professionals find much more lucrative and satisfying travel jobs, corporate travel jobs and event planning jobs.

Now it’s your turn!

Travel Placement Service, Inc. is the difference you seek for your next rewarding travel or meeting/event planning job because we’ve focused years (and years!) in developing personal relationships with several hundred of the most exciting industry employers across North America.

We don’t just shove your resume under some executive’s door or pepper them with generic emails … any “job placement center” can do that. Instead, we act as the industry’s only “matchmaker,” coupling your career interests, experience and skills with the most suited travel or meeting planning industry employer around.


… And normally we get you started in your new travel job or meeting planning/event planning career in just a couple weeks’ time.

It costs you nothing to have us represent you

If you’re contemplating a more rewarding career in travel or event planning, contact us today at (800) 498-3671 to find out who’s really out there in the travel industry … looking for you.

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