The Happily Hired Formula™ by CultiVitae

Do you want to regain confidence and clarity, master the job search process, and make a successful career transition that allows you to wake up happy on Mondays?

Then you’re going to want to check out The Happily Hired Formula(HHF).


HHF is a comprehensive step-by-step system that walks you through all of the strategies, techniques, and actions needed to land and crush the interview!

In addition to getting all of the tools and knowledge on how to land your dream career, you’ll receive full support and accountability to make sure you implement what you learn.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll receive

  • 9 self-paced modules of video and audio broken into snackable lectures… that’s over 12 hours of career boosting content
  • Exercise worksheets to help you gain new insights and implement what you learn
  • Scripts and email templates to maximize interview invitations
  • Lifetime access and go at your own pace
  • Bonus: A proven Cover Letter template that will give zero room for recruiters to say you’re not a fit!

Let’s review each of the modules covered:

  • 1

    Design a Purposeful Career

    Stop applying to every job out there and start to think and make a list of dream companies that match your skills, interests, and impact.

  • 2

    Brand Yourself with Resume + LinkedIn

    Make it to the top of the resume pile and have recruiters reach out to YOU when they find your awesome profile on LinkedIn

  • 3

    LinkedIn Walkthrough Tutorial

    LinkedIn is such a powerful tool for job seeking; get a comprehensive walkthrough on all of its best-kept secrets and tools to maximize your interviews.

  • 4

    Network Like a Pro

    Build long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships without feeling awkward or sleazy. Hate networking? An introvert? Don’t worry as I got you covered with the best online and offline scripts and conversation starters.

  • 5

    Eight Job Search Strategies to Avoid Applying Online

    Stop applying online! Use these 8 effective strategies, tips, and hacks instead to gain access to your top companies and the 85% of jobs that are never posted online.

  • 6

    Interview with Confidence

    Walk into interviews confidently and walk out with, “When can you start?” Learn what hiring managers and recruiters are looking for from their point of view to make sure you crush each phone, video, and in-person interview.

  • 7

    Negotiate what you’re worth because, yes, you’re worth it!

    Learn how to effectively negotiate your salary; includes scripts and templates of what to say to make sure you always position yourself powerfully (Spoiler alert: most clients have seen 7x+ ROI on this simple step alone!).

  • 8

    Transition into your new happy job

    Make sure you properly set a healthy foundation to navigate and win office politics, and continuously build your personal and professional growth.

  • 9

    Build a Positive Mindset

    Boost your confidence, practice self-care, and kick all of those negative thoughts and feelings through learning these effective self-coaching tools. This is extremely important during the job search process as it’s not always smooth-sailing 100% of the time!

What students are most excited about:

  • Bi-weekly, recorded live group coaching calls with a Career Coach to answer any questions
  • A supportive FB community of other career changers who can relate to what you’re coming across
  • Ongoing coaching support so you’re never alone or confused in the job search process

More About the Program

If you’re feeling discouraged, defeated, or disappointed then click here to learn more about how to get the most accountability, encouragement, and strategies around your search.


If you’re looking for more interviews, more offers, more salary, more work/life balance, and more happiness… you’re going to love this program!

About the Instructor

Emily Liou is the founder and career coach over at, a blog awarded in the Top 25 career development blogs list on the internet according to Google rankings. She brings years of headhunting and recruiting top talent for Fortune 500 companies like Google, Facebook and The J.M. Smucker Company, along with Silicon Valley’s hottest startups. After screening tens of thousands of resumes and interviewing thousands of candidates, Emily has created The Happily Hired Formula to share all of her insider recruiting and human resources knowledge to help heart-centered professionals master the job search process.

She is featured as a trusted career expert on The Muse, and her career advice has been featured in articles published on Forbes, Business Insider, Inc., Fast Company, and Bustle. In the last year alone, she helped hundreds turn their dream jobs into a reality, leading them to achieve higher salaries, better commutes and schedules, and positions they can finally look forward to waking up to.

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