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Are you interested in pursuing a travel career but lack the industry knowledge and fundamentals to get you started? Look no further than our Travel Introductory Program (TRIPKit) or Home-based Program. TRIPKit is your passport to success as it combines textbook learning with real-world experiences that prepare you to hit the ground running in the travel business.

Travel Placement Service has partnered with The Travel Institute to help get you started in your travel career.

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TRIPKit Introductory Program
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Knowing the best-practice fundamentals for travel and business, along with supplier- and agency-specific products, booking processes and technology, sets new agents on the track to success as a travel professional.  Yet, this fundamental knowledge is bypassed by some newcomers hoping to fast track their success, which is improbable without it.

Long considered the industry’s “gold standard” for new agent training, the TRIPKit introductory program is a self-guided, blended learning course with online and print components. It is used by individuals studying independently and is also the core educational program for agency owners and managers training new staff. A turn-key, affordable and flexible educational tool, TRIPKit helps create the career path for potential travel advisors by providing a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of booking air, ground transportation, accommodations, cruises, tours and packages, and in-depth geography while also exposing potential new agents preferring an independent travel business model to numerous considerations, including tax implications, marketing plans, business development tips, practical business advice and more.



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