Our Risk-Free Guarantee for Employers

Since 1992, we’ve made it so easy to work with us!

When you work with Travel Placement Service you discover the most experienced travel professionals and our very unique differences:


  • No exclusive contract.
  • No deposit requirement of any kind.
  • We have our finger on the pulse of the ever-changing job market in our industry. Whether temp or perm salaries, benefit packages, etc. We counsel our clients on today’s job market and offer our expertise and insight to help make their job offerings competitive and give them the upper hand in attracting top tier talent.
  • All candidates are interviewed, screened and evaluated on relevant skills, (Sabre, Apollo, Amadeus, etc).
  • If a placement in a temporary position is found to be unsatisfactory within the first four hours, the person will be removed and/or replaced at no cost.
  • If termination of a direct hire placement occurs within 30 days of hire date, ALL fees are credited for a future placement.
  • In the very rare case that someone doesn’t work out, we act immediately to find you a better fit.

Contacts may be easy to find, but our ongoing, lasting reputation
with thousands of travel professionals is hard earned.

Since opening our doors in 1992, our vision was to provide the fastest, most professional travel personnel placement in North America. We’ve achieved this end, not because we thought it was a numbers game as so many entities are prone to do, but because we know it’s about people, personalities and the meshing of goals.

We make special efforts to match the personality and skills of our candidates and your company. When people like each other and work well together, they are much more productive and less inclined to turnover.

Further, Travel Placement Service works diligently to stay informed about changes in our industry. We participate in LABTA, Prost, California Staffing Professionals (CSP), and other professional organizations to recognize and act on trends in personnel, industry policies, salary, benefits and more.

Lastly, to address a growing concern in our travel placement industry:

Here at Travel Placement Service, we NEVER “headhunt” for the talent you seek – we don’t believe in plundering any industry companies to take talent from one source and offer to another. Our reputation with you is entirely too valuable for that sort of activity.

We understand that, no matter how large your entity, you have needs, responsibilities, objectives and a few bold dreams of your own – it is our ONLY focus to help you be successful toward those endeavors. It’s what’s made us the most trusted name in the travel personnel placement industry, and we happen to like that reputation.

Call the most trusted and experienced personnel placement service in North America: Travel Placement Service (800) 498-3671