4 tips for acing a job interview

With adequate preparation and the right attitude, you can become an interviewing pro!

Although many people dread job interviews, they are vital to the hiring process and can actually help you land an offer. With adequate preparation and the right attitude, you can become an interviewing pro! Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Do your homework

Thoroughly research the company well in advance of the interview. Be sure you know the names of the leaders, like the chief executive officer, and the name and title of the manager with whom you are meeting. Read any recent press releases and know the names of any major competitors. You should also reread the description of the open position several times, so you understand how you can best meet the company’s needs.

Get there early

A day or two before the interview, practice getting to your destination so you know exactly where it is. Try arriving in the area an hour before, giving you time to review your notes at a nearby coffee shop. It’s best to get to the office itself about 10 minutes early.

Look the part

U.S. News and World Report recommends determining the company dress code and then dressing one level up. In other words, if an office has a business casual environment, wear something that you would describe as business professional. You’ll look polished and put together, but still appropriate for the setting. Avoid wearing perfume or anything loud or distracting.

Prepare anecdotes

Have a few specific stories prepared that illustrate your best professional qualities. Showing someone how you are a hard worker is more effective than telling them that you’re one.

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