Does social media really matter for job seekers?

So you find yourself in the market for a new job?

You’ve drafted a killer resume using the appropriate key-words and skills for the ‘Applicant Tracking System’ to notice you. You have brushed up on your interview skills and have rehearsed your answer to the question “Tell me about yourself?” You bought a new suit and polished your shoes. In other words, you have dotted all your “I”s and crossed all your “T”s. Or have you?

Did you think to check what your social media activity is telling others about yourself?

In this day and age, you better believe a prospective employer or recruiter will be checking you out online long before they ever meet you in person. Are you tweeting things that provoke thought or arguments? Are you posting pictures you are proud to show your mother or ones you regret ever taking? Have you publicly bad mouthed your former company, boss or co-workers?

If you really want the best chance possible at landing your dream job, NOW is the time to get your digital self just as professional as your real self!

Go ahead and Google yourself to see what others will learn about you.
Remove those less-than-flattering photos of you on Spring break.
Hide those derogatory comments you may have made about your former boss.
And don’t neglect your LinkedIn profile. Make sure it matches your resume for timelines. It is crucial to have a complete, up-to-date profile that accurately reflects who you are and more importantly where you want to go professionally.

Social media is a powerful tool and the moral to this story…Think before you share.

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