Reboot Your Resume

If you are like most people, you probably haven’t looked at your resume lately. Sure, aside from an occasional update of your current position from time to time, but have you really looked at it? Having a well thought out resume could just be your ticket to that job interview you are seeking. Our talented recruiters at Travel Placement Service see resumes every day, a lot of resumes. Here are our suggestions to help your resume stand out from the crowd:

Be Relevant – Having specific industry skills is so important. You may not think knowing a certain CRM, or software program is a big deal, but to hiring managers it signals you are well versed on different platforms and can open the door to other opportunities. Make sure to list all viable industry skills and use keywords that speak to the job. As a recruiter our interview process is a great tool to help uncover your skillset. You may be surprised just how much you know once we discuss your work history with you.

Be Accurate – It’s important that all the dates on your resume match up to your media accounts, i.e. LinkedIn. Gaps are okay and we work with candidates to address how to indicate any hiatuses in work history. Employers want to be able to paint a history and with social media keeping a record of our lives, it becomes a database for checks and balances. It’s best to monitor your profile and keep it up to date along with your resume so it’s easily accessible at any time.

Be Concise and Precise – This is one of those cases that less is more. It’s not the quantity but the quality of info that matters. Highlight your key achievements in each role even if you’ve had similar roles and use specific examples of your accomplishments in that job. There is no need to list every job you have ever had unless it truly is relevant to the position you are applying for. Limit your resume to one page, (two tops) and highlight key information and achievements by using bullet points and short paragraphs for ease in reading. Think clean lines instead of too much clutter.

Have a Consistent Format – We cannot say enough about how important it is to make a good impression at first glance with a professional looking resume that is organized with a consistent style, font, and bullets throughout. Avoid using pictures or non-standard templates that may not parse easily into ATS systems and become unreadable. Always be sure to double check your spelling and grammar and ask someone to proof your resume before submitting.   

The added value in working with a recruiter is our years of expertise reviewing resumes and working with clients to know what they are looking for and how to best shape your resume to bring your talents to light and help you achieve your career goals. Whether you may be looking for a new job in the future, ready now or just want some feedback,  it’s the perfect time to Reboot Your Resume.

Kelly Miller, Blogger at Travel Placement Service

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