Survey Says…

Sabre training is in highest demand

Travel Placement Service in collaboration with local Southern California community colleges polled top Travel Agencies and Corporations with travel departments to inquire on what training they feel is most important for someone just starting their career in the travel industry. Here is what they had to say to the question…

What are the top 5 courses you would like to see more colleges offer to candidates in the travel industry?

The number 1 answer is overwhelmingly GDS computer training, specifically the Sabre system. Travel Placement Service couldn’t agree more. As recruiters who specialize exclusively in the travel industry, we see more job opportunities for Sabre trained agents than any other position. So much so, we even offer Sabre Self Paced Training on our website.

The next highest response came in as Customer Service Skills at 80.65%. No real surprise here as the ability to service the client’s needs in a way that exceeds their expectations will put you head and shoulders above the competition.

Rounding out the top answers were Sales Techniques and Communication (Interpersonal) Skills at 54.84% each.

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