Survey Says (Part II)…

The future looks bright for NEW Travel Agents

Travel Placement Service in collaboration with local Southern California community colleges polled top Travel Agencies and Corporations with travel departments to inquire on how they viewed  employment opportunities for those seeking a career in the travel industry. Here is what they had to say…

For entry-level positions, are you willing to hire someone that has only completed a Travel & Tourism program from a Community College?

The overwhelming answer was “YES!” This is great news not only for those looking for a rewarding career in travel, but also for the future growth of the travel industry.

Over 83% of those polled also stated they are willing to provide PAID internship opportunities and offer an average of $14.00 per hour for entry level positions!

And once you have completed your Travel & Tourism program, why not let the experts at Travel Placement Service assist you with your job search? We are a dedicated team of recruiters who all have come from different backgrounds within the travel industry, so we know this business inside and out. We act as the industry’s only “matchmaker,” coupling your career interests, experience and skills with the most suited travel industry employer around. We even offer an opportunity to learn the most widely used airline booking system with Sabre Self Paced Training on our website.

So when you are ready to find your dream job, give us a call 800-498-3671.

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