Job Interview – What should you wear?

How to dress for success

You should never underestimate the importance of a first impression, no matter how qualified you are for the position. How you dress to your interview shows if you can “fit in” with that company and could make or break your chances of being hired.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should wear clothes that are uncomfortable or not your style. It just means you should be aware of the company’s culture before you go on that interview. Then you can decide how to adapt it to your personal tastes. Just remember that it always pays to dress professional for the interview regardless of how you’ll dress once you have the job.

Here are some guidelines of office dress codes:


The casual dress code is basically the non-dress code, which means you can wear whatever feels comfortable. Having said that, you’re still in a place of business so you want to look presentable. T-shirts, polo shirts, jeans, khakis and sneakers are fine as long as they aren’t dirty, faded or falling apart. Make sure your clothes are never offensive or inappropriate and they’re suitable to the environment and your personality.

Business Casual

These days, business or smart casual attire is what most people typically wear to the office. This includes clean, pressed khakis, trousers and skirts; collared shirts and dressy blouses; cardigans and blazers; dress shoes and in some cases dark jeans. You should look sharp, stylish and neatly put together with minimal makeup and tidy hair.

Formal Business

Often jobs dealing in finance, law and other major corporations usually require a formal business dress code. This includes dark colored business suits and ties for men, and business style suits or dresses for women. In some cases, men can opt for nice pants with a sports jacket and tie. Think well tailored and sophisticated rather than stuffy. And pay close attention that your dress shoes are scuff free and closed-toe.

No matter what dress code the company culture calls for, it helps to be prepared with a strong foundation of clothes that can be adapted to any situation. Travel Placement Service recommends having basic pieces in dark or neutral colors, including blazers, well-fitting trousers and skirts, stylish but comfortable shoes and a nice pair of jeans. Your personality or style comes through in the shirts and accessories you chose. From there you can adapt your wardrobe in an infinite number of ways and ensure that you’ll always be ready for your next great career adventure!

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