6 best interview tips to help you land the job

Keep these interview tips in mind when meeting your prospective boss.

The team at Travel Placement Service knows that interviews can be stressful, but they can also be an exciting opportunity to showcase your strengths. Keep these tips in mind before and during your interview, and we’re sure you’ll do great:

  •          Ask questions: Your hiring manager wants to see that you’re engaged and interested in the position, so be sure to ask some questions about the company.
  •         Clean up your social media: If you have a Facebook account, use an app like Social Sweepster to make sure you’re projecting a good image to your prospective boss.
  •          Do your research: Most people look at the company’s website before they go on an interview, but consider digging a little deeper. Look up the company’s quarterly earnings report, and do some research on the organization’s founder. Not only will you feel more prepared, but you might also get the chance to show off your new knowledge in conversation.
  •         Focus on the future: Communicate how you will help the business succeed and what strengths you can bring to the table. As important as your past accomplishments are, it’s the future that the company is concerned with now.
  •         Think aloud: Even if you don’t have an answer at the ready, talking through your thought process gives managers insight into the way you solve problems.
  •         Use Google alerts: Set up Google alerts on your computer so you stay abreast of important industry news and can have valuable points at the ready should a certain topic come up.

If you’re looking for a position in the travel industry, contact Travel Placement Service and we can get you started on your exciting new path.

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