Interview Tips on How to Tackle the Tough Salary Questions

Recommendations on tackling those tough salary questions.

Have you ever been put on the spot being asked difficult questions regarding salary during a job interview?

“What is the lowest salary you are willing to accept?” Or what if they state, “Your previous salary is much higher than our budget for this position.” How will you respond?

Your answer to the first question could easily put you out of the running by simply naming a price. Too high and the employer may feel you could become dissatisfied and take another job at the first opportunity. Too low and they may tend to think the job is too big for you to handle. Whenever possible, toss the question back to the interviewer with a question of your own. One possible response would be “I will be able to answer that question when I know more about the position and whether there’s a mutual fit. It would assist me to provide a thoughtful answer if I knew the company’s salary range for this position.” Or perhaps, “As a knowledgeable source, how much do you think my experience and skills are worth to your company?”

Concerning the salary statement, be honest if you hope to earn more and ask “Would there be an opportunity to earn a performance-based bonus?” If there is no chance of additional salary and you really want this job, assure the employer the lower salary would be overcome by the non-salary compensation you would receive. Examples could include: Better health and retirement benefits, greater opportunities, training, career development, chance to make a bigger contribution, bonus plan.

Travel Placement Service recommends avoid talking about a specific salary amount until you are in a position to negotiate. The best time to bring it up is when you are closer to getting a job offer. That’s where we can help! Let the experts at Travel Placement Service assist you with your next career move.

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