Advice for hiring managers: Three traits of highly successful employees

Here are several characteristics of workers who go above and beyond.

When you hire a new employee, you probably look for someone with a strong resume, good interview skills and the appropriate professional and educational experiences. There are also other traits that can make certain employees invaluable assets to companies down the road. Here are several characteristics of consistently high-performing workers:

  • Ambitious: Ideally, when you hire a new employee not only are you filling an open position but also landing a candidate that you would be happy to promote in the future. Forbes Magazine advises looking for ambitious people who are eager to make a difference and advance in their own careers. They’ll help make the company more successful.
  • Creative: People who are able to think outside-of-the-box will often be the ones to help their supervisors solve problems and improve productivity. Keep an eye open for candidates who are intellectually energetic and unafraid to question the status quo.
  • Skilled communicators: Career coach Marla Tabaka tells Inc., a business magazine, that communication is key in any productive workplace. “Ask applicants to describe the work environment or culture where they’ve experienced communication at its best,” Tabaka told the source. “What did they like? What didn’t work for them? Does their description fit your ideal communication style? Pay attention to non-verbal skills as well. Do they use active listening skills? What do their facial expressions convey? Lastly, is your candidate comfortable with eye contact? Poor eye contact is often a sign of a poor communicator.”

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