Career counselors say niche job placement services are most efficient

Career experts say hiring managers and job seekers should immediately zero in on highly specialized, niche placement services like Travel Placement Service

If you are a travel industry professional seeking new and exciting job opportunities, or a hiring manager actively looking to fill a long-term or temporary personnel need, career experts say you should immediately zero in on highly specialized, niche placement services.

Many corporate hiring managers looking for employees with specific travel-related skill sets turn to niche placement companies first because they tend to attract a higher caliber of candidate than more general job boards. A potential employee using an industry-specific service demonstrates an awareness of the industry that is often a prerequisite for employment. In fact, one recent study suggests that companies are now more likely to only use specialized sites than the less effective, all-inclusive ones that have been online for years.

Specialized, niche placement services are also more efficient for those looking for open travel positions.

“While applicants from niche sites tend to be more qualified—because their skill set more often matches what the employer is looking for—you’ll compete with fewer candidates there than you would on well-known sites,” says U.S. News and World Report.

Rather than combing through hundreds or even thousands of listings targeting everyone from babysitters to accountants, job seekers can focus exclusively on positions within their industry. When they do apply, potential employers tend to view them as more credible. Professionals who use Travel Placement Service also benefit from the years we have spent developing personal relationships with the industry’s top employers.

If you are a travel industry professional interested in exploring employment openings, visit our website today. We closely monitor corporate travel trends, keep you up-to-date and informed and connect you with companies that are actively hiring.

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