Job seekers are in the driver’s seat as employers need staff

Job seekers are in the driver’s seat gaining more bargaining power as employers have a greater need for staff.

One of the most positive aspects of the strengthening economy is the growth of prospects for Travel Placement Service’s client base. Not only is the travel industry growing at a pace beyond that of the economy as a whole, but the changing landscape of the economy has also meant a power shift away from employers and toward potential employees. According to Bloomberg, the change in hiring dynamics has led staffing agencies to increasingly refocus energy away from simply finding jobs for job-seekers to finding job-seekers for employers.

Staffing agencies aren’t the only ones noticing these changes. While companies are augmenting their private recruiting teams and employing intricate algorithms to locate qualified candidates throughout the internet, six consecutive months of job growth has also meant that American job-seekers are having more luck finding work. This includes those who had previously given up the search due to how bleak the economy once was.

According to a recent Travel Market Report article “It is going to be a good year for agents, if they can find the staff to handle it,” Bates said.

“Due to the increasing demand to find qualified agents for our clients, we at Travel Placement Service are seeing a surge in companies who realize the need to offer more enticing compensation packages. This is particularly true in the corporate and entertainment arenas and is great news for travel agents!” says Valerie Verdult, Principal.

Now is a great time to grab the opportunities available for you. If you’re looking for a position in the travel industry, check out our latest job listings and submit your resume today!

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