Listening during an interview (Part 2)

There are several steps you can take to ensure the person interviewing you knows that you’re listening attentively.

In a previous Travel Placement Service blog post, we discussed the importance of listening during an interview and how to best prepare yourself to do it effectively. One of the reasons that strong listening skills work in your favor is because a lot of success in the workplace depends on collaboration. An interviewer is less likely to choose a candidate who doesn’t have the ability to listen to, and consider, the viewpoints of other people.

Here are three more suggestions on how to listen effectively during a job interview:

Don’t interrupt: If an interruption does happen during an interview, chances are good that enthusiasm rather than rudeness was the reason. Putting in so much effort to learn about the company can lead to an overzealous attempt to show how qualified you are. This can also happen when an interviewer asks a question and you begin answering before he or she has finished. Energy is a great quality to have during an interview. But sometimes patience is better.

Listen with your body: Listening usually means that you aren’t speaking. So to convey that you are interested in what the interviewer has to say, show don’t tell. Body signals like consistent eye contact, nodding as a nonverbal sign of agreement and slightly leaning toward the interviewer are all effective ways of communicating that you’re paying attention.

Remove all distractions: Unless there is an emergency situation that requires you remain in contact with the outside world at all times, shutting off the cell phone for the interview is one of the best ways you can protect yourself from the urge to see what’s happening on Facebook. Also, even a vibration emanating from your purse or pocket can be enough to distract an interviewer and weaken your chances of getting the job offer.

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