Listening during an interview (Part 1)

Listening during an interview is one of the most effective ways of making a great impression.

Travel Placement Service knows that one of the most important aspects of succeeding at a job interview is bringing your best self. Researching the company, preparing how you’ll phrase your personal anecdotes and rehearsing your answers to the proverbial “trick” questions are great ways of ensuring that you make a positive first impression.

But many interviewers also make a point of noticing how well a job candidate listens during an interview to measure interests levels and how well he or she absorbs new information. In order to separate yourself from other candidates, consider these tips for active listening:

Practice: Often we go through our day zoning out or fiddling with our phone when someone is trying to speak with us. Active listening is largely about being mentally present and conveying that with your body. A good way to know when or if you lose focus during a discussion is to have friends or family point out your activity for a week or so before the interview.

Preparation: Listening doesn’t instinctively strike many people as an active way of participating in a conversation. But consider how much focus and energy is required to stay current with the information being shared during a lengthy meeting. Just a few seconds of staring out of the window or trying to decide what to have for lunch can prevent you from hearing something important.

Take extra care during your morning and pre-interview routine to get energized. A good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast are key ways to guarantee your focus for the interview. Also, taking a few deep breaths before entering the office will help center you.

If you’re interested in making that great impression during an interview for an exciting career in the travel industry, share your resume with Travel Placement Service today and find out what new positions are available.

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