The changing nature of the work place

Companies are hiring in new ways while the economy continues to rebound.

Travel Placement Service is aware that although the economy is rebounding, some job-seekers are still hampered by its slow growth. Many companies remain cautious in response to the economic downturn, which has led to the reassessment of the way business needs to be conducted. One significant change affecting prospective employees who are new to the job market is the reduction of available entry-level positions.

With organizations more frequently outsourcing services and being less inclined to train new employees, they have turned their energy to focusing on finding low-level prospects with just enough experience. These shifts in hiring trends have created more obstacles for young adults trying to launch a career. The unemployment rate among 20 to 24-year-olds was hovering at a historic high of 11.3 percent in July, and young adults without college degrees find themselves in an even more dire position.

But what has been most encouraging for Travel Placement Service and its clientele is that travel employment has continued its acceleration at a high rate. July saw 6,000 new direct travel positions added to the economy and more than 60,000 travel jobs for 2014. An even more impressive statistic is that the travel industry has now been responsible for 757,000 jobs created since the economy’s recovery kicked off in 2010, outpacing the rest of the nation’s overall growth by 42%.

With the economy still displaying unfamiliar patterns and trends, there is no denying that finding a career you can be enthusiastic about comes with new challenges. But if you’re looking to start a career in the travel industry, Travel Placement Service is an industry leader that can open new doors and help you find the opportunities you desire. Contact us today!

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