Tips for hiring managers: Win over top candidates

Remember that the best prospective employees may be in high demand, with their pick of attractive offers.

Travel Placement Service has spent decades matching highly qualified corporate travel professionals with the top employers in the industry. In that time, we’ve learned some tips and tricks that hiring managers can use to win over their top candidates and turn them into productive, longtime members of their teams. Remember that the best prospective employees may be in high demand, with their pick of attractive offers. Don’t scare them away by throwing out any of these red flags:

  • Few opportunities for advancement: Be sure to ask candidates what their medium to long-term goals are. If they sense that you are not interested in helping them develop professionally, they may go elsewhere.
  • High turnover rates: Inc. Magazine, a business publication, warns that if a candidate thinks a company has high turnover, they will be far less likely to accept an offer. If your company is growing quickly, prompting the need to hire new employees, communicate that clearly to potential employees.
  • Trying too hard: If you really like a certain candidate and hope that they will accept your job offer, by all means communicate that to them clearly. However, there is a line between enthusiastic and desperate, and you don’t want to cross it. Try too hard and it may seem like you are hiding something.
  • Unclear job description: Don’t go into an interview without a clear, concise and universally agreed upon description of the open position.

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