Tips for hiring managers: Watch for these red flags

If you are a hiring manager and a potential employee says or does these things in a job application and/or interview, think twice before giving them a job offer.

In decades of matching experienced travel professionals with the industry’s top employers, Travel Placement Service has developed a list of red flags for which hiring managers should be alert. If you notice the following in a job application and/or interview, think twice before extending a job offer:

Lack of detail: Dr. Kevin Tracey, president and CEO of the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, recently told The New York Times that he is always wary of a job candidate who can’t give detailed explanations of his responsibilities in past positions.

“I think some people can actually go through a lot of jobs, doing a lot of tasks, without thinking about them and really not having any insight into what they’re doing,” Tracey told The Times. “But creative people and innovative people will tell you every detail about what they did, because they found a way to do them better.”

Little knowledge of your business: It’s fair to expect a job candidate to know some basic information about your business before they apply for a job or arrive at an interview.

No long-term goals: If you ask a potential hire about his plan for the future and he doesn’t have much to say, then the applicant may not be sufficiently passionate about his work. If you want someone eager to grow with your company, look for an individual who can clearly articulate long-term goals.

Typos and grammatical errors: Job applicants who have typos and grammatical errors in their resumes or cover letters may have problems paying attention to detail, career coach Julie Erickson tells Business News Daily.

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