Try these 3 interview follow-up questions

Here are three worthwhile follow-up questions you should ask a hiring manager after an interview has finished.

Travel Placement Service has years of experience in pairing travel industry professionals with exciting and fulfilling new careers, so we’re well aware of how special it is when job seekers finally get an interview. Whether it’s over the phone or in-person, a job interview is the culmination of weeks and months of sifting through listings, sending out resumes, writing up cover letters and all the tedium that that entails. This makes it all the more critical that you use your interview as an opportunity to stand out as best as possible from the rest of the crowd. One surefire way to help you stick in a hiring manager’s mind is to follow-up with them afterward.

Glassdoor has outlined three worthwhile follow-up questions you should ask a hiring manager after an interview has finished:

  • What are the logistics of this job? Some positions may require you to travel or live in a certain area as part of the job’s expectations. Make sure you understand these details so that you are fully informed should an offer be made.
  • What is the hiring process like? Odds are that the hiring manager you spoke to won’t be making their decision as soon as the interview ends. Ask what kind of turnaround time you can expect and, if that period has elapsed and you still haven’t been given a response, follow-up to ensure that you’re still on their mind.
  • Would this be relevant to the company? An easy way to demonstrate your interest in and eagerness for what the company has to offer is engaging the hiring manager in a conversation about something you may have read or heard of and whether or not it pertains to the company.

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