The importance of travel agencies

Travel agencies remain a staple in the tourism and traveling sectors for several reasons.

With the advent of the internet and a slew of websites where you can book your car rental, flight and hotel reservations, the questions about the relevancy of travel agencies and their workers have been swirling for years. But not only have the travel agencies survived against the threat the tourism tools made accessible to anybody with an internet connection pose, they are even growing in some sectors.

The reality is that not everybody who is taking a trip needs a travel agent. But the reason that travel agencies remain in this age of information is because they know more about trotting the globe than anyone else. Along with that privileged industry knowledge comes industry connections, as in having personal relationships with the executives and general managers of hotels, which results in access to features and benefits that aren’t provided by websites.

Furthermore, what may be even more important, having a travel agent in your corner provides a safety net in case something goes wrong that even insurance packages can’t offer. High-end travel agent Chad Clark tells Forbes magazine that a travel agent’s greatest value lies in his or her ability to best manage a client’s greatest asset: time.

According to another Forbes article, Anne Scully, President of McCabe World Travel in Virginia, describes a good travel agent as a “pillow” saying that “people think they can just book flights, hotels, or car rentals themselves, and sometimes they can, especially if nothing goes wrong. But when your flight is canceled and you are standing in line waiting to be rebooked, believe me, you’ll wish you had a travel agent. I’d already be working on it for you.”

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