The Top Hotel Trends for 2019 are More Evolutionary than Revolutionary

Although some of this year’s hot trends might not sound brand new, there is a much stronger focus in 2019 to deliver personalized, tailored experiences. With an increased emphasis on guests’ health and well-being, sustainability and the use of seamless technology, hotels are creating unique products to win client loyalty.

Emphasis on Guests’ Health and Well-being

Wellness tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry offering innovative wellness experiences such as health spas, private saunas, fitness centers, healthy farm-to-table food options to name a few. Growing trends are yoga spaces or retreats, air purification, in-room gym equipment and even vitamin-based shower-water. The Equinox Hotel opening this June is on the cutting edge of taking fitness to a whole new level with the complete manifestation of high-performance living. This is a destination where how you move, eat, sleep and live is entirely re-imagined.

Sustainability is Key

People now expect eco-friendly practices that are becoming the norm in the hospitality industry. Hotels are starting to consider the environmental impact on everything they use; from plastic straws, to water conservation, to the need for lights to switch off automatically once a guest leaves their room. The minimalist look that is progressively becoming second nature in accommodations worldwide offers clean lines, less clutter and live plants to create a sense of calm so immersive that guests won’t want to leave.

Seamless Technology

Technology plays a growing role in individual lifestyles and how people engage with their surroundings. According to Phocuswright’s It’s All About the Experience: How Will Technology Improve the Hotel Stay? their report identifies three technologies that hotels must integrate to provide a seamless guest experience: sensors that signal smart devices to service client needs; artificial intelligence that can streamline booking and help staff anticipate guest needs; and authentication technology that can integrate personally contracted services, such as a traveler’s Netflix or Facebook account, into the hotel experience.

It’s All About the Experience

Customized experiences tailored to an individual’s true needs, based on their behaviors and fulfilled by the services that support their lives beyond travel are on the rise. From private chefs and pools for guests seeking a getaway from the hustle and bustle that have luxury hotels creating sanctuary spaces to accommodate this growing trend, to lively gathering spots that encourage socializing and collaboration for those who prefer to mingle. Millennials (the fastest growing demographic of U.S. travelers) love the Airbnb and HomeAway experience. The William Vale hotel in Brooklyn, N.Y. is taking on Airbnb at a holistic level and offers several hip features to attract locals and tourists alike with a popular rooftop club, cool restaurants and gallery spaces with rotating exhibitions.

“Looking forward, the key factor influencing guest satisfaction, brand preference and customer lifetime value will be how successfully hotel management integrates new technologies virtually and in real life to improve the physical product and service delivery that enhances perceived value,” reads Phocuswright’s latest analysis on hotels.

Kelly Miller, Blogger at Travel Placement Service


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